Tape Paintings

2005-present (New York and North Carolina)

Tape drawing created during my move across the East River.

I became interested in tape as an art material one Summer when I was moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. All of my supplies were put up in boxes, but I still had the urge to make something. I began to experiment with compositions using packing tape and the bits of detritus left over around the apartment. By the end of the night, I had several small drawings fashioned out of scraps I normally would have swept up and thrown away.

I had worked on other projects where ideas of transmission were a focus, and tape became the perfect medium in which to extend this trope. To make a painting with tape is similar to sealing a box for shipping. The conscious act of wrapping visual elements in packing tape creates a liminal zone where the disorientation and openness of change can emerge simultaneously.

To push the paintings even more towards the metaphor, I write down messages and seal them underneath numerous layers of material, entombing the words until the work is “unpacked,” which it never is. As time passes, I have only vague recollections of what these messages say, and the words become something set aside and forgotten about, like an unopened box in the attic. The tenuous archivality of the material also becomes interesting to me, as there is always the potential for the work to fall apart and reveal the forgotten thoughts buried within.