2005-present (New York and North Carolina)

Landscape is an exhausted medium, no longer viable as a mode of artistic expression. Like life, landscape is boring; we must not say so.
– W.J.T. Mitchell

The primary focus of these landscape paintings is an imagined off-world landscape and cartography that depicts an environment undergoing a transformation from untouched, natural space to a space crafted by human intervention and control. Specifically, the work references the conventions and history of Romantic 19th Century American landscape painting while pushing those aspects into some yet-to-be-determined future scenario. I’m interested in asking questions about landscape and the metamorphosis that the now defunct genre undergoes when driven into newer narratives like cyberpunk and dystopian fiction. In that spirit, many of the paintings represent memories or interpretations of Earth environments by a protagonist with no direct experience of the planet that he takes as his subject matter.